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Courage to Change

Courage to Change

Grant Us Grace book 3

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A relationship with a coworker is tricky enough. Will their love be strong enough to survive the reappearance of his ex-wife?

Main Tropes

  • Friends to Love
  • Workplace romance


He’s a lawyer who’s determined never to love again. But his coworker refuses to get the memo.

When Phil Reid became a Christian and stopped drinking, his hard-partying wife Brandi divorced him. Reeling and betrayed, he becomes convinced Christians should never remarry, and resolves to guard his heart.

Allison Vasak has everything in her life under control, except for one thing. Her heart is irresistibly drawn to fellow attorney and coworker, Phil. Though she knows his history and believes that women should not initiate relationships, she longs to make her feelings known.

As Phil and Allison work closely together to help a pregnant teen, both must reevaluate their convictions. But when Brandi discovers Phil's new relationship, she decides that though she doesn't want him, no one else can have him either. Can Phil and Allison's love weather the chaos Brandi brings into their lives?

Intro into Chapter One

At the knock on her doorframe, Allison looked up. Phil leaned against the jamb. His laptop bag was slung over one shoulder, the jacket to his suit draped over it. He’d loosened his black, silver, and pink striped tie and opened the top button of his white shirt.

Reminding herself not to stare, she couldn’t stop her eyes from drifting over his long, lean form. Her pulse drummed in her ears. Was he talking? She looked at his face. His lips weren’t moving. Phew. Don’t stare. You’re being obvious. She offered a polite smile.

“Working late?”

Allison checked the clock on her monitor and laughed. “I guess so. That hadn’t been my intention, but I got caught up.” She paused and narrowed her eyes. Now that the drumming in her ears had quieted some, she could focus on the shadows under his gorgeous eyes. “You okay? You look pale.”

“Had a migraine last night, barely slept, you know how it is. Tack on the challenges of the day.” He shrugged and swung his head to look down the hall then returned his gaze to Allison. “Anyway, I hear I owe you thanks for finding and returning my lost sheep?”

“Who? Oh.” The corner of her mouth twitched up. “Lindsey? Right place, right time is all. But you’re welcome. Is she going to be okay?”

Phil tucked his hands in his pockets. “Yeah, though I don’t think her father actually cares one way or another…I try, I really try, to see the best in my clients, but sometimes…While I agree with his lawsuit in principle, I’m not sure it’s really the right thing when you take into consideration everyone it’s going to impact.”

“I’ve had cases like that. You can always have him find another attorney.” Poor Lindsey. And poor Phil.

“I could. But at this point, I think I’d rather see what, if anything, I can do to make this easier on the girl.”

Phil’s compassion and empathy for others impressed her, as it always did. “Is the case related to her pregnancy?”

Phil nodded. “Actually, if you have time tomorrow, I wouldn’t mind talking about a few aspects of the situation with you, get your take.”

“Sure, hang on.” Allison minimized the document she’d been working on and opened her calendar. Looking at the next day’s full schedule, she chewed her lower lip. There had to be time somewhere. “Pretty much the only time I’ve got is lunch.”

She looked up and raised her eyebrows in query.

“That works. Brown bag?”

“Why not. I’ve probably got some leftovers languishing in my fridge that haven’t completely turned into a science experiment.”

Allison typed the appointment into her calendar, ignoring the butterflies that danced in her belly.

“You can always order in if that’s what you want to do. But I’m not sharing my PB&J, so don’t even think it.”

She sent a reminder to Phil’s email and wrinkled her nose. “No problem on that score, I can’t stand PB&J.”

Phil’s eyes widened. “How…what…?” He gaped at her. “That’s un-American.”

“You’re getting it confused with apple pie. Which I like. All this talk of food has reminded me that it’s well past dinner time. So I think it’s time I head home. See you tomorrow.” Smooth. Real smooth. Though I guess it’s better than obvious drooling.

He smiled as she gathered her things, slipped past him, and started down the hall. Just before she turned the corner, Phil called out, “Nice suit, by the way.”

Allison floated on cloud nine the whole way home.

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