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Taste of Romance Series Bundle

Taste of Romance Series Bundle

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Binge the whole series as these young professionals find love and friendship.

Main Tropes

  • Friends to Love
  • Workplace romance
  • Forbidden love


A Splash of Substance

Opposites attract when a determined caterer butts heads with an idealistic and driven Senator's aide.H e thinks she is a tree-hugging hippie. She thinks he is just another sellout. Is working together recipe for disaster?

A Pinch of Promise

He never forgot his first love.

A Dash of Daring

As Zach and Amy work together on the school’s annual holiday program, they must each decide if they’ll dare to follow where God calls.

A Handful of Hope

She's been broken too many
times and their terrible date sure doesn’t help her want to try again.

Can he make her feel valuable and lovable?

A Tidbit of Trust

She’s turned her back on her sordid past, but can he trust that her changes are permanent?

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